obs-cli is a thin wrapper around, which in turn is a wrapper around It supports authentication and everything else that obs-websocket provides.


snap install obs-cli


Usage: obs-cli [options] <request[=arguments]...>

Remote control OBS from the command line.

  request[=arguments]        a request name (for example, ‘GetRecordingFolder’), optionally followed by arguments (for
                             example, ‘SetRecordingFolder='{ "rec-folder": "/tmp/" }'’) (see
                    for the
                             complete list of requests and their arguments)

  -a, --address <address>    the address to the machine in which OBS is running and the port configured in OBS under Tools >
                             WebSockets Server Settings (default: "localhost:4444")
  -p, --password <password>  the password configured in OBS under Tools > WebSockets Server Settings
  -f, --field <field>        project a field out of the OBS response, for example, given an OBS response of ‘[{ ...,
                             "streaming": false, ...}]’ and a <field> of ‘0.streaming’, obs-cli outputs just ‘false’; this is
                             a convenience for applications that need only one part of the response
  -V, --version              output the version number
  -h, --help                 display help for command

An unofficial snap built with ❤︎ by Martin Wimpress using configuration at from the upstream project source

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