Viewer for hyperspectral Numpy cubes and (2d/3d/4d)-tensors.

This viewer opens practically all numpy files, that has at least two dimensions. Using a slider it is possible to scroll through the channels. It features an envi to numpy converter, that converts raw ENVI shots to numpy (even white/black-ref support).

It features full support for 4d arrays, such as Tensors. During debugging, a Tensor can be saved using and analyzed by this tool. The tool allows to slice through batches and channels, and can merge channels into RGB/BGR into one rendered view.

This tool might also be useful for people working with DICOM. If you convert an array of DICOM images to a numpy array, and then save it, then this tool is useful to scroll through slices.

Can convert BIL ENVI files from e.g. "Lumo scanner", Specim FX17, Specim FX10, etc. You can also compare the spectrum of a pixel by left/right clicking in the canvas.

Also available as AppImage. Checkout the GitHub page for more info.

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