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  • Build From the Ground Up Develop your own Hand built 3D Engine with NRG and achieve better performance than any other all-in-one solutions out there. Written in pure C our Non-Linear Programmable Core produce lightweight and lightning fast stand alone executable and provides two ways to code your applications, Lua or pure C/C++.

  • Create Specialized Code NRG provides you specialized tools to gain direct access to low levels APIs and provides you a thin comprehensive abstraction layer for you to start building on. Gain some serious re-usable skills by learning how to build from scratch your own state of art 2D/3D Game or Application.

  • Custom Rendering Pipeline Use NRG to develop your very own Customized Rendering Graphics Engine tuned precisely for your project. Achieve better performance by creating your own GPU renderer and GLSL shaders tailored specifically for your 2D/3D Application and optimized for your targeted platforms.

  • True Cross Platform 3D Apps Built for rapid prototyping and to handle projects of any sizes, with NRG you can develop, code, build, profile and debug your Apps. on one or multiple platforms simultaneously in real-time and publish it as a native C/C++ standalone executable or as an Add-On for an external project.

Visit to watch Learning Videos to get you started, gain access to Demo Projects, learn how to develop applications with the Micro Games series, build up your toolset skills with the Editor Manual, start coding with the API Documentation; and more!


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