Nim is a compiled, garbage-collected systems programming language with a design that focuses on efficiency, expressiveness, and elegance.

$ snap install nim-lang-lts-1 --classic

Includes the complete Nim toolchain:

  • nim-lang-lts-1.nim - Nim compiler
  • nim-lang-lts-1.nimble - Nim package manager
  • nim-lang-lts-1.nimcsources
  • nim-lang-lts-1.nimfind
  • nim-lang-lts-1.nimgrep
  • nim-lang-lts-1.nimpretty
  • nim-lang-lts-1.nimsuggest
  • nim-lang-lts-1.testament
  • nim-lang-lts-1.nim-gdb

Use the snap alias function to shorten commands for ease of use:

sudo snap alias nim-lang-nightly.nim nim

You can install nim-lang, nim-lang-nightly, and nim-lang-lts-1 side-by-side with snaps.

Additional Nim resources:


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