Provides the latest version of nft command-line utility with the intention of replacing outdated and buggy packages provided by mainline Linux distributions. For documentation on how to use nftables see If you use snapd older than 2.41 you will need the following after installation: snap connect nftables-pk:network-control You may want to create a system-wide alias: snap alias nftables-pk.nft nft Remember to update your nftables scripts to point to /snap/bin/nft and move your scripts from /etc/nftables to /var/snap/nftables-pk/common. Since this snap is fully confined, configuration files must be placed in /var/snap/nftables-pk/common which is mapped to /etc/nftables. When you run "nftables -f /etc/nftables/main.conf" it will really look for "/var/snap/nftables-pk/common/main.conf".

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