Provides the latest version of nft command-line utility with the intention of replacing outdated and buggy packages provided by mainline Linux distributions.

Nftables offers a consistent, clean and readable interface to configuring Linux firewall in both command-line and interactive usage.

For documentation on how to use nftables see

If you use snapd older than 2.41 you will need the following after installation:

    snap connect nftables-pk:network-control

You may want to create a system-wide alias:

    snap alias nftables-pk.nft nft

Remember to update your nftables scripts to point to /snap/bin/nft and move your scripts from /etc/nftables to /var/snap/nftables-pk/common. Do not create a symlink.

Since this snap is fully confined, configuration files must be placed in /var/snap/nftables-pk/common which is mapped to /etc/nftables. When you run nftables -f /etc/nftables/main.conf it will really look for /var/snap/nftables-pk/common/main.conf.

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