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Nervatura is a business management framework. It can handle any type of business related information, starting from customer details, up to shipping, stock or payment information.

The Nervatura Service is a simple interface layer that provides multiple, well-documented data access protocols for handling data. With their help, we can use the best data access for every development language and environment. Using the functions of the interfaces, we can be sure that the data is always read or written from the databases correctly and simply. The data can be stored in several types of databases, but they can be handled in the same format, and the database types can be easily changed.

The Nervatura Client is a standard HTML5/ES6 Web Component application that contains no other external dependencies apart from the lit helper functions. The standard HTML5 Web Components can be easily integrated or called from other javascript frameworks. It was created so that all the business data of the framework can be managed immediately after installation through a graphical interface. The client and report interface supports multilingualism.

The Nervatura Framework can be used independently, but it is basically designed to provide a stable and secure foundation for self-developed, customized enterprise business systems. The framework can be easily extended with additional user interfaces or data management functions in any programming language or technology. Using the data from the framework, you can easily create your own web stores, user input interfaces or data interfaces for other systems.


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