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Nervatura is a business management framework. It can handle any type of business related information, starting from customer details, up to shipping, stock or payment information.

The main aspects of its design were:

  • simple and transparent structure
  • capability of storing different data types of an average company
  • effective, easily expandable and secure data storage
  • support of several database types
  • well documented, easy data management

The framework is based on Nervatura Object MODEL specification. It is a general open-data model, which can store all information generated in the operation of a usual corporation.

The Nervatura service is small and fast. A single ~5 MB file contains all the necessary dependencies. The framework includes:

  • CLI API (command line)
  • CGO API (C shared library)
  • standard HTTP RESTful API for client communication
  • HTTP/2-based gRPC API for server-side communication
  • JWT generation, external token validation, SSL/TLS support and other HTTP security settings
  • built-in database drivers for postgres, mysql, sqlite databases
  • a basic report generation library for creating simple PDF documents (eg. order, invoice, etc.) or CSV data files
  • sample report templates and REPORT EDITOR GUI
  • PWA CLIENT application and a basic ADMIN interface

The client and report interface supports multilingualism. The framework can be easily extended with additional interfaces and functions in the supported languages: C, C#, C++, Dart, Go, Java, Kotlin, Node, Objective-C, PHP, Python, Ruby (CGO and gRPC API)

Quick Start

$ sudo snap install --beta nervatura

Checking service status and last logs:

$ systemctl status -l snap.nervatura.nervatura.service

Default snap data and http.log path: /var/snap/nervatura/common

Create a new demo database:

$ sudo NT_API_KEY=DEMO_API_KEY NT_ALIAS_DEMO="sqlite://file:/var/snap/nervatura/common/demo.db?cache=shared&mode=rwc" \ /snap/nervatura/current/nervatura -c DatabaseCreate -k DEMO_API_KEY -o "{\"database\":\"demo\",\"demo\":true}"

Login to the database: Nervatura Client

  • Username: admin
  • Password: Empty password: Please change after the first login!
  • Database: demo

More info see: Nervatura Docs


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