Command line mail reader based on Mutt, with added features.

Neomutt supports all the features that are supported by Mutt, including POP and IMAP support, SSL encryption and SASL authentication, threading and GPG support.

In addition, the neomutt snap provides:

The snap version of neomutt expects configuration files in


The main configuration file, for example, has to be placed in


Note that this directory is versioned and is backed up when the snap is removed (see

OAuth2 Support

Follow the direction in or simply run

neomutt.oauth2 --help

to get instructions on how to create Client ID and Client Secrets. Create a refresh token,

neomutt.oauth2 --generate_oauth2_token

And add the following to the Neomutt configuration file,

set imap_authenticators="oauthbearer"
set imap_oauth_refresh_command="oauth2 --quiet \
  --user=[email_address] \
  --client_id=[client_id] \
  --client_secret=[client_secret] \

Note that within the Neomutt configuration file, the oauth2 script can be called without specifying a path.


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