Mycroft is private by default. We will only record what you say to Mycroft with your explicit permission, and without that permission we delete your data once your request has been completed. If you'd like to help Mycroft become more accurate, you can opt-in to have your voice samples anonymously.

Please note, the Mycroft Snap is considered an Alpha release and is being actively developed. A number of known issues are listed below.

To get started:

  1. Install the Mycroft Snap: snap install mycroft --beta

  2. Create an account at

  3. Launch the Snap using the desktop icon or application launcher will run Mycroft in the background. To run Mycroft with a visual CLI, launch the Snap from your Terminal by running: mycroft

  4. Install new Skills by voice: "Hey Mycroft, install Dice Skill". Or by typing directly in the Mycroft CLI: "install"

Known Issues

There are a few known bugs we are currently working through:

  • After pairing with your account, Mycroft will immediately report that it is ready. There may still be some setup processes finalizing and Mycroft may not respond to commands immediately. Please give it a few more minutes to finish setting up.
  • An OSError will be raised for each installation using PIP. This should not affect your usage of the system.
  • Additional command line tools such as the Mycroft Skills Manager are not yet available.
  • The wake word response time may also be slower than expected. This is the time between you saying "Hey Mycroft" and Mycroft acknowledging and starting to record.
  • Some Skills fail - Mycroft IP Skill fails to load, Audio Record cannot write to disk.
  • Cannot switch microphones after installation.

Please support the development of Mycroft by reporting any additional issues on

Community and Support

Mycroft has a vibrant, engaged and helpful community. Join us at:


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