MqttDesk( is Cross-Platform MQTT desktop Client with multilingual, unlimited dashboards, unlimited connections & unlimited widgets developed for Makers, Freelancers, Prototypes & Enterprises by ioCtrl( MqttDesk works on Linux, macOS ,& Windows desktop environments. MqttDesk MQTT Client establishes the connection with multiple clients at same time through the any of MQTT brokers. MqttDesk MQTT Client works on publish-subscribe principle. You can change the Quality of service(QOS) and retain the topic when you publish. Simple and Easy user interface would help to connect to different MQTT brokers with interactive dashboards at same time & Publish-Subscribe to topics. Even a Non-developer can create a connection and connect to MQTT broker and get connected with other MQTT clients. Drag n Drop widgets help users to create interactive dashboards for even critical applications & use cases.

MqttDesk is turnout to be ideal for "machine-to-machine"(M2M) or "internet of Things(IOT) world of connected devices. Connect any IIOT Device Gateway, Home automation systems, Smart home systems, IOT sensor, Edge gateway, Arduino, Raspberry Pi,ESP32,ESP8266 or any type of MQTT Client.

MqttDesk's Features-

  1. Multilanguage(Japanese,Chinese,French,Spanish,Russian,Italian,English,Portuguese & German)
  2. Cross-Platform Desktop(Also works with Raspberry Pi 32 & 64 bit both Linux versions)
  3. SSL/TLS Secure connection
  4. MQTT ver5.0 & ver3.1.0 selection
  5. Multiple different MQTT brokers(Public & Proprietary MQTT Brokers )
  6. 27 widgets to configure the dashboards
  7. Unlimited dashboards & unlimited devices
  8. Simple Math Function for subscribing topics
  9. Multiple MQTT Protocols MQTT/TCP,MQTT/TLS & MQTT/Websockets. and many more features. Use User-guide to create connections, Dashboards & publish or subscribe to other MQTT Clients.( You can install MqttDesk on Raspberry Pi 3b+ to above & monitor your devices with interactive widgets & dashboards. Connect with us to get the builds for respected distributions.

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