This snap ships with all required binaries included and will automatically start the motionEye service listening on port 8765 after installation. Just go to http://[your_ip]:8765/ with a web browser, log in to the UI and start configuring your webcam for motion detection.

To get the full functionality please connect the camera, log-observe and mount-observe interfaces using the snap connect command.

If installed on a Raspberry Pi for use with the CSI attached RPi Cam, make sure to have "start_x=1" and "gpu_mem=128" (or higher) set in your config.txt On an Ubuntu Core system you can achieve this via the two commands below:

snap set system pi-config.start-x=1
snap set system pi-config.gpu-mem=256

The motioneye.conf file can be found in /var/snap/motioneye/common/motioneye/

Recorded videos and captured photos are stored in /var/snap/motioneye/common/media/

If you want to store photos and videos to external media (USB, SD card), please connect the removable-media snap interface, then you can select a path under /media via the administration interface.


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