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Morgen is the professional hub for your time management on Linux. Calendars, tasks, and advanced scheduling options, all optimized for productivity. Try free for 14-days, with no strings attached.

  • connect all calendars in the same place: Morgen supports Google Calendar, Outlook, Office 365, Exchange on Premise, and any CalDAV provider like iCloud, Nextcloud, Gmx, Zoho, Yahoo...
  • keep track of your tasks right into the calendar and block your time with a simple drag-drop action
  • create Calendly-like scheduling links in no time, with real-time availability check in all of your calendars
  • no more lost in tabs: Morgen is always at reach in your desktop, you can take advantage of native notifications, and join virtual meetings with one click
  • keep your data private: Morgen synchronized all your calendar events locally on your computer; you can decide to opt-in for those features that require cloud access to your calendar

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