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Morgen brings the best calendar tools on Linux, with a minimal but gorgeous interface. It connects to Google Calendar, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, Fruux, Tutanota, Zoho, Yahoo, and even to your CalDAV server in the basement.

Morgen also helps you organize your day with Tasks and with an easy way to block your calendar to get things done. Importing Tasks from other sources is a feature that will come soon.

Morgen synchronizes calendar data locally (yes, you can work Offline too). Your credentials never leave your computer because we do not need to have direct access to your calendar.


Calendar sets, Tags, Notifications with one-click meeting joining, Quick peek view, and, of course, a Dark mode. It is hard to describe all of this in words, but you can take a look yourself at


Morgen offers a 14 days free trial, with no strings attached. Check our pricing options at


We keep as much as possible on your device. For example, we do not transfer your calendar account credentials or your calendar data to our server. For more information, please refer to

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