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mirr.OS is the operating system for the glancr smart mirror. Or any kiosk/display-only device! Bring what matters from your digital world front and center.

Tested on Raspberry Pi 3B. Also available from our website:

Complete disk image → https://glancr.net/mirr-os/one/

DIY hardware instructions → https://glancr.net/diy-smart-mirror/

Open Source and free for non-commercial use – we just haven't figured out the proper license yet :-D For commercial use, see our business solutions: https://glancr.net/solutions/licenses/

This snap contains the core application, as well as a web server for the display and settings apps. Requires network-manager snap and a few manual interface connections to work properly. Check out our wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk snap for a reference web app solution.


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