Once installed the tests can be run in two modes:

  1. As an application on an X11 supporting desktop:

    $ mir-test-tools.

  2. As "owner" of a virtual terminal:

    $ sudo mir-test-tools.

mir-test-tools.smoke-test runs each of the example clients and reports any that fail, covers both s/w and GL rendering clients

mir-test-tools.performance-test runs the Mir performance tests and reports if any fail

mir-test-tools.gtk3-test runs a gtk3+ client and reports if it fail

mir-test-tools.qt-test runs a Qt client and reports if it fail

mir-test-tools.sdl2-test runs an SDL2 client and reports if it fail

mir-test-tools.bash is a debugging aid: it starts a bash session with the environment set up for the tests.

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