Please only use this if you have to connect to servers that aren't compatible with the latest version of Minetest. This fork was made before Minetest 5.0 was released so I (and others) could use new features (and bugfixes) on older servers. Minetest is a Minecraft-inspired game written from scratch and licensed under the LGPL (version 2.1 or later). It supports both survival and creative modes along with multiplayer support, dynamic lighting, and an "infinite" map generator. This snap is based on Minetest 0.4, when Minetest 5.0 is released you can use this snap to continue playing on 0.4 servers. If you want the latest bugfixes and stability improvements, just use 'minetest-luk3yx'. This snap is currently using my [minetest-luk3yx-4]( fork as well as a [different default serverlist]( that is guaranteed to continue supporting Minetest 0.4.

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