This package installs helper scripts and infrastructure to run a minecraft server. While it does not ship the server jar file, the scripts will guide you through the process of installing the minecraft server jar, accepting the EULA and managing the minecraft server once it is up and running.

minecraft-server-jdstrand 16.04.* uses openjdk-8 and is known compatible with minecraft server < 1.17 and incompatible with minecraft server 1.17 and higher. For the time being, this will continue to be available in the beta channel.

minecraft-server-jdstrand 20.04.* is available via the stable and edge channels and ships with openjdk-8 and openjdk-17. People upgrading from minecraft-server-jdstrand 16.04.* will continue to use openjdk-8 while new installs will default to openjdk-17 to facilitate running the latest minecraft server out of the box. The java version may be set via a configuration file.

See 'minecraft-server-jdstrand.util help' for details.


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