About the game:

You are a hard-working miner for about the half of your life now. It happened at a Monday afternoon, when you just wanted to end your shift and go home. A tunnel collapsed and some huge rocks block your way out. Luckily you remember the location of the next emergency exits. Now you just have to reach them. MineBoy is a modern action platformer with precise touch controls, fluid movement and smooth animations. Explore all the nine levels filled with different obstacles and secrets.

How to Play?

Like almost every Jump n Run game the controls are very simple: There are buttons to walk to the left and to the right. With the vertical buttons you can jump, and when you are on a ladder you can use them to go up and down. And that’s it…



We decided to implement NO annoying advertisement. So, this game is completely ad-free.

What are you waiting for? Challenge yourself with this platformer game and try to reach the exit in every level. From the same developer who brought you other free games like Speed Clicker, Parking Jam, Balance, Wrong Way, Just Watch Ad and more!


Developed with ♥ by Luca Kessler and Daniel Hiebeler


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