Micropolis, the original award winning city simulation game from Maxis Software, now runs on powerful Unix workstations with X11! Now it's souped up, and even supports networked multi user collaboration! Multi Player Micropolis is designed to be a fun cooperative educational experience!

Micropolis is a colorful animated interactive system simulation game, providing a set of rules and tools for planning and building a complex dynamic simulated city. Several people on different X11 workstations can participate in the same city, cooperating and coordinating their actions across the network.

Working together, you can zone land use, hook up the power grid, build roads, bridges, parks and stadiums, raise taxes, and even summon disasters, causing the city to grow and thrive, or crumble and die. It's a creative, entertaining way to develop your political skills!

SimCity designed and implemented by Will Wright, Copyright (C) 2002 by Electronic Arts. Unix porting, optimization and TCL/Tk user interface design by Don Hopkins (, for DUX Software. Ported to OLPC Fedora Linux by Don Hopkins.

SimCity, Unix Version. This game was released for the Unix platform in or about 1990 and has been modified for inclusion in the One Laptop Per Child program. Copyright (C) 1989 - 2007 Electronic Arts Inc.

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