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This is the app for desktop. Find, browse and play Video-on-Demand content from German Broadcasting Stations.

Please note that most content searchable through this app is IP geo-blocked by the originating media center and might not be accessible if you're outside Germany or Europe.

All Media Centers in one app

This app enables you to search all the larger and in sum nearly all German TV catch-up TV portals / media centers (Mediatheken) at once - those of public broadcasters and of commercial stations.

Videos on Demand

In most cases, you can start streaming videos right from the app. Yes, streaming can be this easy. Forget about jumping from website to website: ARD Mediathek, ZDF Mediathek, then RTL Mediathek... MediathekSuche for desktop unifies this experience across content providers and gives fast results.

Missed an airing? No problem!

Regardless if it was the latest episode of Tagesschau, a politics magazine, talkshows or regional coverage, an issue of Weltspiegel, Tagesthemen, heute Journal, a show, documentaries or regional news: Every single day German public broadcasting and commercial providers are generating tons of up to date informational programming and entertainment for their media centers and most of it is accessible for catch up by you. MediathekSuche is your tap into these vast resources, right at your fingertips.

This is MediathekSuche

The app is modeled closely after the experience on the MediathekSuche website: All available channels are displayed in a clickable bouquet. You can search content in fulltext or browse results by station or date. - Simply the "betterrr" Media Center. Alle Mediatheken in einer App. Sendung verpasst? ARD, ZDF, RTL, PRO7? Kein Problem mehr :)

If you prefer a PPA package based Linux install, you can hop over to our Launchpad version of the app:

Installing and using this app is subject to the terms outlined on our website and available in the app.


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