A Minecraft Server installer snap that uses a simple script written in bash to quickly download the latest server.jar from Mojang and set it up to run confined in a snap.

This snap includes a simple menu with some predetermined choices for the amount of RAM used during run-time.

NOTE: MC-SERVER-INSTALLER is not an officially supported or licensed application of Mojang.

The first time you run the installer, you'll need to download the .jar file (i.e. select option #1). Then select option 2 and MC-SERVER-INSTALLER will perform a first run and agree to the EULA.


After selecting option #2, you can proceed with choosing any of the other options or setting up your server's configuration, which is located in:


You can update your server.jar file by selecting option 1 again but there's no need to agree to the EULA.

This snap package was built from scratch with an MIT License.

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