A Minecraft Server installer and configuration snap that downloads the latest .jar file and allows you to start your server with the amount of RAM you choose.

Admins may now run custom MAX RAM settings! Minimum RAM requirements are 1024M, so please keep this in mind. Additionally, -Xmn values have been reduced to 128M to keep with current guidance. See:

You can also backup your entire server with option 10 in the menu. They are pushed to /home/user/ so that uninstalling the snap won't affect your backups.

NOTE: MC-SERVER-INSTALLER is not an officially supported or licensed application of Mojang.

To run the snap, from your terminal just type: mc-server-installer

A menu will appear and you can begin use.

  • The first time you run the installer, you'll need to download the .jar file (i.e. select option #1).
  • Then select option 2 and MC-SERVER-INSTALLER will perform a "first run" and agree to the EULA. Note: You'll see some errors appear, these are fine, just ignore them.

After selecting option #2 (agreeing to the EULA), you can proceed with choosing any of the other options or setting up your server's configuration, which is located in:


You can update your server.jar file by selecting option #1 again but there's no need to agree to the EULA.


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