A feature-rich Unix terminal client for the Mattermost chat system.

Configuration for Matterhorn is stored in ~snap/matterhorn/current/.config/matterhorn. A sample configuration can be found at

Note: Matterhorn does not support SAML login used by some corporate Mattermost servers. It does however support Personal Access Tokens. Generate a Personal Access Token in your Mattermost instance under Account Settings -> Security -> Personal Access Tokens. If this menu isn't available, contact your Mattermost server admin to have it enabled.

Storing your access token. This is an abridged version of the docs held in the sample-config.ini listed above.

Install the tools to stash your password in the keyring:

apt install libsecret-tools

Stash your password (gleaned above) in the keyring:

secret-tool store --label='matterhorn' matterhorn token

You will get prompted to enter the matterhorn token gleaned above.

Connect the password-manager-service interface so matterhorn snap can access the keyring:

snap connect matterhorn:password-manager-service

Ensure the config.ini in ~/snap/matterhorn/current/.config/matterhorn/config.ini contains at least:

host: (hostname of your instance)
tokencmd: secret-tool lookup matterhorn token
urlOpenCommand: xdg-open
activityNotifyCommand: notify-send

Launch matterhorn either from the desktop icon or a terminal, and it should enable you to connect.

This is an unofficial snap, built with 💖 from upstream binary builds using a yaml at

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