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Mapton is an open-source map application for Linux, MacOS and Windows that lets you quickly and easily explore the world.

Mapton consists of a rich set of background maps and a toolbox, a toolbox that like the maps, can be extended with custom plugins.

It's a simple application, yet a powerful platform.


  • 3d, 4d when looking at time coded data
  • Time slider
  • Geographical bookmarks and Point of Interests
  • Layer management
  • WMS support
  • Search in different data sources
  • Ruler
  • Extensible with custom plugins

Bundled plugins

  • Files - Plot kml files
  • Photos - Plot geotagged images
  • Population visualizer - Look at the world population
  • Wikipedia - Find and read geotagged articles
  • XKCD - View the amazing XKCD strip


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