LXD is a system container and virtual machine manager.

It offers a simple CLI and REST API to manage local or remote instances, uses an image based workflow and support for a variety of advanced features.

Images are available for all Ubuntu releases and architectures as well as for a wide number of other Linux distributions. Existing integrations with many deployment and operation tools, makes it work just like a public cloud, except everything is under your control.

LXD containers are lightweight, secure by default and a great alternative to virtual machines when running Linux on Linux.

LXD virtual machines are modern and secure, using UEFI and secure-boot by default and a great choice when a different kernel or operating system is needed.

With clustering, up to 50 LXD servers can be easily joined and managed together with the same tools and APIs and without needing any external dependencies.

Supported configuration options for the snap (snap set lxd [

For system-wide configuration of the CLI, place your configuration in /var/snap/lxd/common/global-conf/ (config.yml and servercerts)


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