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Airdrop into an enemy stronghold, find and recover stolen intelligence and technology. Fight your way out!


Collect as much stolen intelligence and technology as you can and get to the extraction point before the helicopter leaves without you. Earn a higher agent ranking by collecting more items and complete the mission as fast as possible to earn a higher bonus.

Game Mechanics

  • Little Spy can run and jump. Holding jump extends the jump height.
  • Little Spy is a climber. They can grab walls and slide down them, jump climb up them or wall jump away from them.
  • Like all the best spies, Little Spy has a gadget; a parachute that can stow and deploy itself.
  • Little Spy has a killer flying kick, which can be used to dash, attack enemies or double jump.
  • Little Spy can use all of these skills in combination.

The enemies

Enemies can be stomped or kicked:

  • Guards (no helmet) require 1 hit to kill.
  • Soldiers (helmets) require 2 hits to kill.

Enemies have teleport technology and new recruits will teleport into the game to replace their fallen comrades.


Little Spy should work with most game controllers. Game control instructions are presented on the main menu of the game.

You might need to connect the joystick interface:

snap connect little-spy:joystick
  • A/D, Cursor Left/Right, D-pad or Left Stick to move.
  • W, Cursor Up, A button to jump.
  • S, Cursor Down, Y button to deploy/stow parachute
  • Space or B button to flying kick.

Game resolution

  • F11 to toggle between fullscreen and windowed.
  • F10 to switch between different window sizes.

My First Game Jam: Summer 2021

Little Spy was made in two weeks as my entry in the My First Game Jam: Summer 2021. I used the jam as motivation to learn Godot.

The theme for the jam was ✨Free✨. My interpretation of the theme is to create a game using only tools that are free software, free of cost, or game assets that are free or in the public domain.

In keeping with the Free theme, I have released the game project and code under an MIT license.


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