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Last Answer is a tool to solve problems complexity and thoughts understanding during project management and just to make easier each other ideas sharing & understanding.

The principle of work is very simple. Create an "idea" and open it.

  1. Choose short question to answer.
  2. Answer to it.
  3. You will see your saved answer above questions tabs.
  4. Choose new question to ask for the answer above.

During process you can always see and edit all answers and questions on second page and share it by clicking share button.

  1. After you complete all questions (so you just feeling that you cannot say more:)) you can share it (for example to Trello Board) and start again.

This app can be used with techniques such as 'Five whys', 'PDSA', 'Six Sigma' or just for brainstorming new ideas.

Please notice: This app in testing phase, potentially it can contain some errors and bugs. For ideas, improvements and bugs please write feedback or send a message to

Hope this app will be useful for you! Thank you.


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