LabPlot provides an easy way to create, manage and edit plots. It allows you to produce plots based on data from a spreadsheet or on data imported from external files. Plots can be exported to several pixmap and vector graphic formats. . Features include:

  • project-based management of data
  • project explorer for management and organization of created objects in different folders and sub-folders
  • spreadsheet with basic functionality for manual data entry or for generation of uniform and non-uniform random numbers
  • import of external ASCII data into the project for further editing and visualization
  • export of spreadsheet to an ASCII file
  • worksheet as the main parent object for plots, labels, etc; supports different layouts and zooming functions
  • export of worksheet to different formats (PDF, EPS, PNG, and SVG)
  • great variety of editing capabilities for properties of worksheet and its objects
  • cartesian plots, created either from imported or manually created data sets or via mathematical equation
  • definition of mathematical formulas is supported by syntax highlighting and completion and by the list of thematically grouped mathematical and physical constants and functions
  • analysis of plotted data is supported by many zooming and navigation features
  • linear and non-linear fits to data, several fit-models are predefined and custom models with arbitrary number of parameters can be provided

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