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A standalone kodi-gbm snap (not usable with X11, Wayland or Mir !) with the MMAL hardware acceleration patches for the Raspberry Pi.

Note: this snap needs a recent pi kernel ( >= 5.4 ) that provides /dev/vcsm-cma.

Please check if the device exists on your install before attempting to use this snap (Ubuntu Core20 as well as the Ubuntu 20.10 server and desktop images for the raspberry Pi will work (UC16 or 18 will not!))

This snap is built from the MMAL enabled branch at https://github.com/PIPplware/xbmc.git It ships with all default binary addons included.

The snap is a standalone kiosk application, it will not start if there is already a graphical session running on the system !

There are still snapd interface fixes pending to make the snap work in full strict mode, thus you currently need to install in --devmode.

If you use Ubuntu Core20, it is recommended to also install the avahi, bluez and (for bluetooth audio if desired) also the pulseaudio snap packages alongside and connect the respective interfaces.

The kodi homedir can be found in /var/snap/kodi-pi-standalone/common/.kodi/


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