Ket is a Python-embedded classical-quantum programming language for dynamic interaction between classical and quantum computers.

The Ket Bitwise simulator is necessary to simulate quantum execution. Before installing ket, you need to install kbw:

sudo snap install kbw --edge


$ ket input.ket -h
Ket program options:
  -h [ --help ]              Show this information
  -o [ --out ]               KQASM output file
  -s [ --kbw ]  (= Quantum execution (KBW) address
  -p [ --port ]  (=4242)     Quantum execution (KBW) port address
  --no-execute               Does not execute the quantum code, measuments 
                             return 0

This project is part of the Ket Quantum Programming framework that also features:

  • The C++ quantum programming library Libket.
  • The Ket Bitwise Simulator for quantum computation.

See the documentation for more information

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