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Leave all earthly worries behind and get ready for an action adventure game that




Yes, Infinitrap: Rehamstered has a nearly infinite number of deadly traps in a massive, ever-expanding dungeon AND it may involve some hamsters. You guessed as much, right? What you didn’t know is that you get to play as Ohio Jack – a seasoned, handsome, rugged adventurer – and the world’s 2nd best adventurer. And he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty, or die a lot.

Want to kill your friends instead? We concur! That’s why Infinitrap: Rehamstered includes an awesome Dungeon Editor where you can concoct ever-more-treacherous levels that you can share with your friends. Also, you can play someone else’s levels if you’re so inclined.We hear a dungeon calling your name. Explore, survive, die, retry – in Infinitrap: Rehamstered.

Trained from death to provide a variety of scary services, they're all the rage at children's parties! Why look at a menu … when you could be IN the menu?!

Whilst making merry with our resident Mer-folk! Many an adventurer has enjoyed their company on his – or her – quest for glory!

Our Acid Baths will cleanse your skin in ways you can only dream of! And if you're REALLY lucky, we'll give you a shave so close you'll bleed all over the floor!

There's also the fabled cup of Eternity! Many adventurers are just dying to get one in their collection! What will you make of this wonderful world? Only time will tell! But be quick! No one lives forever!

DISCLAIMER: The Underworld might contain: Furry Rodents, strange Snake Ladies with questionable tastes in Explorers, Addled Wizards, and Ancient Demons sealed away for all time!

Gamepad fully supported (aside from the launcher)

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