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ImpFE is a GUI client for the online multiplayer strategy game Imperium. ImpFE uses the X11 library Xforms for the GUI, mpg123 and libol for music and sound.

In Imperium players will be given a certain amount of money to pay for the expenses of operating a starship, and may try to increase their wealth by mining ore and gold, selling items to other players, etc.

Imperium can be played as a "team" game, with all players of a given race working togather, as a free-for-all, or any combination of the two. Ships may be "programmed" to do simple actions repeatedly, and there are mining robots you can drop on an uninhabitable planet and pick up later.

Imperium is both "real time" and "turn" based. That is, if you happen to be playing at the same time as another player (or players), you will immediately be notified of any actions relating to you (and vice versa). There is a built-in "chat" system & email system as well. To prevent people who have too much time on their hands from having too much of an advantage over those of us with real lives, there is also a "point" system for completing actions, which scales commands and limits what may be done in a given amount of "real time" before waiting for the points to build up again.


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