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Electron Webapp for iHeartRadio

This is a Node.js JavaScript application, but it is NOT a NPM package. This is solely for desktop use purposes.

In this application, we use the Electron Framework (https://github.com/electron/electron) to turn a webpage into a webapp.

Like Spotify, you will be able to access all of iHeartRadio for Linux and MacOS.

We have the normal npm build and a Jakefile (https://github.com/jakejs/jake) if you wish (though I won't QA the Jakefile much).

For this example we will just use npm. To initially install the dependencies:

npm install

And it is good practice in my opinion to always check to see if any of the ~431 dependencies have updates.

npm audit fix

To run the webapp, you can run either:

npm start OR npm run run

Now we can start building. We have several build scripts but here are the most important.

Big thanks to those who work with the electron-builder (https://github.com/electron-userland/electron-builder) to make this a lot more easier :)

By default these build for x86/64-bit general systems such as amd64. To build an AppImage and Snap, you can run:

npm run build

To build for Macintosh/Mac OS systems (yes there is support, this will generate a DMG):

npm run build-mac

For the sake of not wasting my time with 32-bit since support for everywhere is slowly dropping, I will only support x86 and Raspberry-Pi arm64. However electron-builder currently is doing weird stuff with arm64 builds which it shouldn't (it's setting up VM's to build which is unneccessary), so for now we will be using the 32-bit arm7l/armhf until I work with the devs to fix this problem :)

We can also use this for testing purposes. To build for armv7l/armhf:

npm run build-armv7l

I'm pretty sure Mac's dont run on ARM devices so the above only builds AppImages and Snaps.

This install script is only for linux. This is because the resulting build is a bunch of libraries which has to be installed to many locations so I simplified it and made a decent install script for it. For Mac OS/DMG's it's already bundled in so you don't have to stress about it. You can run

npm install-linux

and that'll take care of it for you.

Help is LOVELY appreciated! Fork and submit a PR. I look forward to seeing you.

This is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3+ license.


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