The browser open source for gamers Iconny Arcade is the version gamer from the Iconny Project This browser is based in Iconny LTS Iconny Arcade Features Always in Incognito Iconny is made so that your history is not saved but without losing your information when closing the browser Ad blocker Iconny has a built-in ad blocker Notely Thanks to the Iconny code, Notely has a very basic system of notes and that if these are links you can open them all saved in LocalStorage MonocroX 2 Monocrox is a new interface for Iconny Arcade designed for Big screens and reduce eyestrain and more basic and fast all based in Monocromatix Fast and Light Iconny Arcade is more fast than other versions OneTab Is the option specially designed for use with playing reducing the resource consumption WindowApps Apps Webs in windows for helping the productivity


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