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Hyperspace is an open-source client for the Mastodon social network and other social networks that support the ActivityPub protocol. Hyperspace offers a fun, clean, and modern experience for interacting with Mastodon and the fediverse, right from your computer. Switch between accounts with ease and tailor Hyperspace to your liking.

Responsive by design

Hyperspace is beautifully designed to put your content front and center and bring a familiar experience to Mastodon. View threads and profiles with ease and compose anywhere with the compose button. And, of course, Hyperspace scales across devices beautifully, providing the same experience anywhere.


Hyperspace allows customization and configuration at every level, from the server level with branding and instance setup, down to the user level with dark mode, custom themes, and multi-user account support. And, if the default configuration settings aren't enough, anyone can make their own version of Hyperspace with custom additions.

Completely (and ethically) open

Licensed under the Non-Violent Public License, anyone can modify, redistribute, or contribute to the Hyperspace project. Hyperspace is written in TypeScript and takes advantage of multiple open-source libraries and projects such as React, Megalodon, and Material-UI, so web and Node.js developers will feel right at home.


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