Manage (Install, track, upgrade) and discover custom elements for Home Assistant directly from the UI.

What?* HACS is a integration that gives the user a powerful UI to handle downloads of custom integrations and plugins.

Highlights of what HACS can do:


  1. Go into integrations and add HACS. Home Assistant will now try to install every python-package that HACS depends on.

  2. Step 1 might fail for an unknown reason, but if so:

    Restart Home Assistant with sudo snap restart home-assistant-snap and wait for it to boot up. Go back and continue as described in step 1.

  3. You should be prompted with some check-boxes that you need to confirm and then a screen to connect to github api.

Wallah! HACS should be up running. :)

Can't find HACS in the integration list?

Open up a terminal and issue:

sudo snap connect home-assistant-hacs:components home-assistant-snap:components

HACS should auto-connect, but sometimes it might fail. You also have to do this manually if you are using a self-snapped home-assistant-snap.

Please see for more details.

UPDATES? Out of date?

No worries. HACS is managed by HACS and Home Assistant. After installation you will be able to update HACS whenever there is a new update!


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