Static web server using the builtin Go http library.

It supports HTTP/2 and TLS.

This snap provides both an h2static command that can be run by any user, with access to the user home directory, and a system-wide daemon service.

The service can be configured with the following options (via snap set):

  • allow-outside-symlinks

    allow access to symlinks whose target is outside of the serve-path. This is disabled by default since it might be a security issue.

  • basic-auth

    content of the crednetials file for Basic Authorization. Each line should contain colon-separated pair of username and SHA512 hash of the password.

  • disable-h2

    set to true to disable HTTP/2 support.

  • disable-lookup-with-suffix

    set to true to disable disable matching files with .htm(l) suffix for paths without suffix.

  • listen

    the address:port for the service to listen on. The address can be omitted (e.g. :8080) to bind all addresses.

    If this option empty or null, the service will not be started.

  • serve-path

    the directory to serve content from. it's set to $SNAP_COMMON if not specified.

    If the removable-media interface is connected, paths under /media can also be used.

  • show-dotfiles

    set to true to show hidden files (starting with a dot).

  • tls.cert, tls.key

    ASCII contents of the TLS certificate and key. If both are set, HTTPS support will be enabled.


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