Gum is a Gradle/Maven wrapper written in Go, inspired in and

Gum automatically detects if the project is Gradle or Maven based and runs the appropriate command. However in the case that Gum guesses wrong you can force a specific build tool to be used.


Gum supports the following flags

  • -gc displays current configuration and quits
  • -gd displays debug information
  • -gg force Gradle build
  • -gh displays help information
  • -gj force jbang execution
  • -gm force Maven build
  • -gn executes nearest build file
  • -gq run gm in quiet mode
  • -gr do not replace goals/tasks
  • -gv displays version information

Gum will execute the build based on the root build file unless -gn is specified, in which case the nearest build file will be selected. If a specific build file is given (-b, --build-file for Gradle; -f, --file for Maven) then that file will be used instead.


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