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** GrowX , try the smart AI webcame feature!**

GrowX allows to monitor your greenhouse using standard consumer sensors. Currently we are supporting the Xiaomi MiFlora and the Xiaomi Mijia Hygrothermo v2 (LYWSDCGQ) but we are planning to expand the number of supported devices. The next version will contain a plant status evaluation using camera and Artificial Intelligence.

GUI accessible on port 23232

We are currently expanding our APP, if you have any idea or suggestion feel free to contact us via mail or GitHub.

For ubuntu core devices: install snap bluetooth-autosatart to ensure bluetooth enabling at boot

This app requires bluetooth access


 1 - install growx
    "sudo snap install growx"
 2- connect if needed the proper interface:
     "sudo snap connect growx:bluetooth-control" needed for bluetooth
     "sudo snap connect growx:camera" needed for camera usage
 3- follow the youtube video:


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