GistDeck is the ultimate audio gisting app for all social, business and spiritual influencers, coaches, trainers, professionals, teachers, activists and social media addicts…

Everyone already knows you gist a lot, and have a lot to gist about, so why not gist on a platform that actually pays you to gist, instead of just wasting your time and content on other audio drop-in apps that pay you nothing for the privilege of helping them build their apps?

Welcome to GistDeck, the next level Audio App Gisting platform that takes the experience on first generation audio apps such as clubhouse, Twitter spaces and green room, to a whole new level of satisfaction, gamification, monetization.

GistDeck is not going to make you wait and hope that Monetization will come later. You get to monetize your Gisting content, your community, and your time for coming in to be a gister.

With GistDeck, you can immediately….

Plus, you get a lot more during the Beta trial of GistDeck:

Download the app, come in and lets Gist!


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