Gazebo (formerly known as Ignition [1]) is an open source robotics simulator maintained by Open Robotics [2].

Through Gazebo, users have access to high fidelity physics, rendering, and sensor models. Additionally, users and developers have multiple points of entry to simulation, including a graphical user interface, plugins, and asynchronous message passing and services.

Gazebo brings a fresh approach to simulation with a complete toolbox of development libraries and cloud services to make simulation easy. Iterate fast on your new physical designs in realistic environments with high fidelity sensor streams. Test control strategies in safety, and take advantage of simulation in continuous integration tests.

Note: This is a beta release, do expect bugs and limitations. If you encounter any, please do report it [3].

Installation Instructions:

snap install gazebo --edge

gazebo.gz gazebo shapes.sdf

If you are following the Gazebo 'Getting Started' documentation, you can replace the entire 'Step 1: Install' with the snap command and resume at 'Step 2: Run'.

Learn more about Gazebo on the official website [4].






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