OpenStack Virtual Baremetal is a way to use OpenStack instances to do simulated baremetal deployments. This project is a collection of tools and documentation that make it much easier to do so. It primarily consists of the following pieces:

  • Patches and documentation for setting up a host cloud.
  • A deployment CLI that leverages the OpenStack Heat project to deploy the VMs, networks, and other resources needed.
  • An OpenStack BMC that can be used to control OpenStack instances via IPMI commands.
  • A tool to collect details from the "baremetal" VMs so they can be added as nodes in the OpenStack Ironic baremetal deployment project.

A basic OVB environment is just a BMC VM configured to control a number of "baremetal" VMs. This allows them to be treated largely the same way a real baremetal system with a BMC would. A number of additional features can also be enabled to add more to the environment.

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