fortune is a command-line utility which displays a random quotation from a collection of quotes. This collection is read from the local file system and does not require network access.

This is a build of fortune-mod from from It includes both inoffensive and offensive fortune databases, but the latter will only be accessed when the -o parameter is specified.

Available parameters are:

The user may specify alternate sayings. You can specify a specific file, a directory which contains one or more files, or the special word all which says to use all the standard databases. Any of these may be preceded by a percentage, which is a number n between 0 and 100 inclusive, followed by a %. If it is, there will be a n percent probability that an adage will be picked from that file or directory. If the percentages do not sum to 100, and there are specifications without percentages, the remaining percent will apply to those files and/or directories, in which case the probability of selecting from one of them will be based on their relative sizes.

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