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I am One in a Million: Regardless if you are already folding or haven’t heard a word about it before, we need your help to reach our goal – which is 1 million folders. Start folding now

Snap: This is a packaging of Folding@Home for the snap platform and may work differently from other formats. Check more information or report issues on

What is Folding at Home? Folding@home (FAH or F@h) is a distributed computing project for simulating protein dynamics, including the process of protein folding and the movements of proteins implicated in a variety of diseases. It brings together citizen scientists who volunteer to run simulations of protein dynamics on their personal computers. Insights from this data are helping scientists to better understand biology, and providing new opportunities for developing therapeutics.

More info on the project: Folding@Home is run by Pandegroup of Stanford University. You can find more information on the Folding@Home website:

Usage: You can use the FAHClient service, the applications FAHControl and FAHViewer, or the webclient at

You can interact with FAHClient as a service, as described in the documentation on snap services:

How can I use Folding at Home as a daemon? You can interact with the daemon service with:

snap services folding-at-home-fcole90.client # Check that the service is running correctly

Note: the daemon is disabled by default, because otherwise it would start upon install, without any notification. You can start it and enable autostart with the following command

snap start --enable folding-at-home-fcole90.client # Starts the service and enables autostart

See how to handle snap services: The daemon is started by systemd, and is owned by root. The data folder for this is defined by $SNAP_COMMON, which usually expands to /var/snap/folding-at-home-fcole90/common See more on this on

How can I use Folding at Home as a userspace service? You can run the userspace service launching folding-at-home-fcole90 in your terminal. The data folder for this is defined by $SNAP_USER_COMMON, which usually expands to home/$USERNAME/snap/folding-at-home-fcole90/common. See more on this on

How can I interact with the daemon or service with the GUI? You can just launch FAHControl from your applications. If it says that no client is running, you can activate a client either as a daemon or as a user service. Follow the previous instructions on how to do that.

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