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Part of a philosophy, part of a concept. Change gears in 2021 with us!

F|P is currently the beta preview of something bigger to come, integrating with Trello. In fact, it's just the beta of the Trello integration (stop laughing! :) )

It can be used as an in many ways basic, but fast Trello client with some extras for Linux (also available for Windows).

(In a few keywords: agile, app, productivity, quick, in development, Linux-first, keyboard-first, free/affordable, Trello)

(Btw we like Trello! if you don't know about it, I guess feel free to get acquainted at: - also, the app won't do much without a Trello account.)

Still, perhaps this nippy app, could be called an agile tool, can already help - whether when zoning in, or looking out (e.g. when planning a sprint) - more info (incl. Kickstarter link) at, feel free to try! (The video is roughly from October, with a bit of luck something better gets created relatively soon...)

What's waiting for you?

From the top of my mind:

  • advanced editing features for the card description (I think fellow devs will recognize some of the much missed essentials)
  • the standard checklist items on steroids (except for creation, but even multiple - of course there's more to come here),
  • a quick (local) search ('filter') + sorting on the current list/board,
  • a mostly followed keyboard-first principle: many shortcuts
  • apparently handles cards well in the 100s, although speed is more a future priority
  • a touch of green: highly likely significantly reduced memory/CPU footprint (to be re-evaluated soon) compared to a handful of alternatives
  • adaptive theming
  • an alternative take on story point estimates: (What are story points? )
  • of course, hiccups :) but it's just a beta, don't give up yet!
  • and many, many tiny features, considerations, concepts ... although even more numerous missing :))

Installation note

You'll need to enable certain privileges for the app after snap installs it, for networking and password storage. This can be accomplished by:

snap connect focus-project:password-manager-service

And you should be typically good to go - start focus-project, e.g. from the launcher!

(Confession: when running it from the console, you'll also see a number of warnings, and perhaps an error about a missing en locale, each of yet unidentified origins ¯\(ツ)

** Troubleshooting **

You might also need to allow (seems it isn't a strict requirement on newer distros):

snap connect focus-project:network-control

And then some distros may not like it, e.g. it didn't seem to be allowed to run on an up to date Lubuntu 20.10 on 13/01/2021, despite providing the interfaces.)

Licensing note

The app is currently free and will likely remain free of charge without ads for a broad audience (well, wouldn't ads just defeat the purpose? :) ) especially for personal, academic and open-source use.

Even for professional use, a very reasonable pricing is in mind.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by or in any way officially connected to Trello, Inc. (


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