For Flutter Engage 2021, gskinner worked with the Flutter Team to create Flutter Folio, a scrapbooking app that purposefully considers the capabilities, user expectations, input devices and idioms for each platform. Showcasing Flutter's capabilities to create apps that feel at home on every platform.

Flutter Folio is a scrapbooking app that works great on the device you’re using.

Take photos on the mobile app to gather content for your scrapbooks.

Create and edit scrapbooks on the desktop/tablet app from photos you’ve already uploaded or add new ones. Add Emojis and text to make each scrapbook unique.

Share scrapbooks to friends and family with a web link for them to view, no app required.

Learn more at:

Check out the code at:

Who is gskinner? We're a small but nimble team, based in Canada, that has been building innovative digital experiences for over 20 years. We're extremely proud to have owned the creation of Flutter Folio from concept to deployment.


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