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Fidus Writer is a webbased WYSIWYG word processor with realtime collaboration and export to JATS, ODT, DOCX, EPUB, LaTeX and HTML aimed mainly at academic text editing with support for formulas, footnotes and bibliography management.

After installing, your Fidus Writer instance is available at this URL:


By default Fidus Writer cannot send emails until it has been configured. To make changes to the configuration, edit the configuration file as sudo:

sudo fiduswriter.configure

It will automatically restart the server after you have made a change.

You will want to create a user that has access to the administration interface. You can do that by running:

 sudo fiduswriter.createsuperuser

Then navigate to http://localhost:4386/admin/ and login with your superuser.

To see what other management commands are available run:

sudo fiduswriter.manage help

Check out the Wiki for advanced configuration options and to run it as a server for others to access: . Or contact us via the forum: if you have a question or suggestion.


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