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A free, cross-platform ETCD v3 client which allows you to manage your ETCD via a modern, easy to use and dynamic UI. Available for Windows, Linux and MacOS X. Will be available for Android / iOS too..

Some of the key features are:

  • Connect via HTTP or HTTPS
  • Use basic or certificate based authentication
  • Look up, create, modify or remove keys
  • Browse keys using tree view or list view.
  • Create keys with TTL and manage leases.
  • Fetch revisions of a key and revert to any previous value.
  • Manage multiple ETCD clusters using dedicated config profiles.
  • Add & remove users
  • Manager ETCD roles & permissions
  • Create watchers and react to ETCD events in real-time
  • Display info about your ETCD cluster
  • and more..


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