Improve your productivity by combining all your instant messaging applications (or whatever you want) into a single browser (Electron) window.


  • ⚛ Multi-platform: ElectronIM is available for Linux 🐧, Mac 🍏 and Windows.
  • 🔔 Desktop notifications: ElectronIM will notify you using your native system notifications.
  • Spellchecker: ElectronIM contains spellchecker dictionaries for many languages, if your language is not supported, just file an issue.
  • Supports any web based IM solution
  • Drag-and-drop tab reordering
  • 🔒 Configurable context for tabs (Isolated/sandboxed or shared)
  • 🔕 Notifications can be disabled for individual Applications
  • 💤 Notifications can be disabled globally (Do not disturb)
  • ⌨ Keyboard shortcuts
  • Drag-and-drop tab reordering

Check the GitHub repository ( for documentation and source code.


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