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The eks snap packages all the Kubernetes binaries of Amazon EKS Distro (EKS-D) and combines them with a MicroK8s like experience, for an opinionated, self-healing, highly available EKS-compatible Kubernetes anywhere.


On any recent Ubuntu machine, or another Linux distribution with snap support: https://snapcraft.io/docs/installing-snapd

sudo snap install eks --classic --edge

To form a multi-node cluster call eks add-node on any existing cluster member to get a token, followed by eks join <token> on the new machine.

Default components

For optimal compatibility with EKS, this Kubernetes distro will launch a very specific set of component services automatically. These provide a standardised K8s environment that simplifies workload compatibility with EKS on AWS itself.

When you initialize the cluster, it will also fetch and enable:

  • coredns - DNS services for services on this EKS cluster
  • metrics-server - K8s Metrics Server for API access
  • storage - Storage class; allocates storage from host directory

The EKS snap will automatically detect if it is on AWS, and if so it will also enable:

  • aws-iam-authenticator - login to your cluster with AWS IAM credentials

Stripped down MicroK8s with EKS components

This EKS Distro is based on MicroK8s. It has a stripped down set of addons and is designed to feel great for AWS users only. It assumes you have AWS IAM credentials for identity and provides default services that are compatible with EKS on EC2. See eks status for component information.


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