With the eFIN DEX, your privacy, security, and digital assets are always under your control. Download now and start trading with the world's most secure and private DEX.

  • Only you have your private keys; you always have control over your coins.
  • Your privacy and security are protected with Tor-network encryption.
  • Only 0.1% fee per trade. Become a Partner and enjoy free unlimited trading.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Go to a terminal
  2. Within your shell run
    $ sudo snap install efin-testnet --beta
  3. Start the application with
    $ efin-testnet.dex

Upgrading Instructions

  1. Go to a terminal
  2. Refresh the efin-testnet snap
    $ sudo snap refresh efin-testnet --beta

For additional information regarding your specific Linux distribution, please scroll down and head to the "Install eFIN Dex on your Linux distribution" section.

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