This is a tool to test a Gentoo ebuild and its dependencies. The idea is that the ebuild is emerged in a clean (and current) stage3 Docker container.

This snap uses the docker snap and needs to be connected via

snap connect ebuildtester:docker-executables docker:docker-executables

We are going to assume that the user has a local git clone of the portage tree in


We have added a new ebuild and would like to verify that the build dependencies are all correct. We can build the package (ATOM) with:

--portage-dir /usr/local/git/gentoo
--atom ATOM
--use USE1 USE2

where we have specified two USE flags, USE1 and USE2. The ebuildtester command will now create a docker container and start installing the ATOM. All specified dependencies will be installed as well.

For a full list of supported options run

ebuildtester --help


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