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δyƒƒ /ˈdʏf/ - A diff tool for YAML files, and sometimes JSON

dyff is inspired by the way the old BOSH v1 deployment output reported changes from one version to another by only showing the parts of a YAML file that change.

Each difference is referenced by its location in the YAML document by using either the Spruce or go-patch path syntax. The output report aims to be as compact as possible to give a clear and simple overview of the change.

Similar to the standard diff tool, it follows the principle of describing the change by going from the from input file to the target to input file.

Input files can be local files (filesystem path), remote files (URI), or the standard input stream (using -).

All orders of keys in hashes are preserved during processing and output to the terminal, most notably in the sub-commands to convert YAML to JSON and vice versa.


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